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Meet the middle of the road in fullness, length and the perfect curl. Top-notch versatility will always be found in Sleek.

Sleek lashes are approximately 12mm long and are D curl.

Includes five sets of lashes, each lasting up to 7 days. Adhesive, sealer & remover is sold separately. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Trenedee Wilcox


The Best!!

I have wore at home lash extensions for 2 years now from another company and let’s just say I’ll never go back! Sleek was so easy to apply, just brushed on the glue and stuck them on! Sleek is such a beautiful style and I can’t wait to try more of the other styles! Thank you Kare Beauty for making beautiful and user friendly lashes!


I'm a DIY lash connoisseur and I usually go for minimalist, not flashy lashes. After trying Kare's lashes I could NEVER go back to any other application method!! It's SO easy and so fast. You get pretty good at other methods the longer you do them but this was is fool proof!! I'm telling you, if you're scared to try DIY lashes this is the best method on the market!
As far as SLEEK, I love her 🥹 she's the most beautiful lash. I'll be back to try other styles but man, she's pretty 😍.

So happy

I was so impressed that I got a notification that a shipping label was created within a couple hours and received my package in a couple days! Faster than some of my Amazon prime orders! But not only is the packaging so beautiful the quality is awesome too! This style has the perfect curl and exactly what I like with lashes. I can’t wait to try the other styles I ordered too!

Samantha O
5days in and still looks fresh!

I think the curliness makes the application process super smooth and they look amazing currently on day 5!